Take a Look at What Spring is Bringing to the Orangeburg Library

Exhibition: Through April and May artist and photographer, Gene Nickford, displays "Antarctic Light" at the Top-of-the-Stairs Gallery.

Yes, There is a Free Lunch: Monday, April 4 @ 1:00 PM - Watch Chef Norma Chang take just minutes to prepare her “Quick Fix- Lo-Fat Chinese Meals” before your eyes. Then you get to sample the delicious results. Please register by calling the library at 845-359-2244, Ext. 10.

Go See Van Gogh: Sunday, April 10 @ 2:00 PM - Brendan Walsh of “One Life to Live” stars in this thrilling new play, “A Eulogy for Vincent” written and directed by Ed Schiff. This multi-media presentation depicts the life and times of the famed “Starry Night” artist featuring over 100 slides of his artwork and the people and places where he lived and worked. Please call the library at 845-359-2244, Ext. 10 to register.