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Adult Summer Reading Raffle Book Reviews Week 6

The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner. 5 Stars. “Totally entertaining!” – Neysa Scala

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. 5 Stars. “We may pass from this “tangible” world but our souls stay forever. Perhaps reincarnated into animals to help others … or from animals to humans, to do the same.” – Cindy Raphael

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie. 3 Stars. “Cute story, would definitely recommend!” – Kim Satin

Frost by Marianna Baer. 3 Stars. “Book was good! Storyline dragged you in and was suspenseful! I would definitely recommend.” – Kim Satin

Book and Bag Lunch Group

Wednesday, September 5

The Orangeburg Library resumes its Book and Bag Lunch Group at 12 Noon with a discussion of Garth Stein’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” Everyone is invited. Books will be available at the Circulation Desk from the beginning of August. Please pick up your books for September by August 13.

Adult Summer Reading Raffle Book Reviews Week 5

Unsaid by Neil Abramson. 5 + Stars. “Neil is a lawyer who has such insight for the bond (and guilt) that humans have for animals, and vice versa. Sometimes I had to put the book down as I was too emotional to continue. I so recommend!!” – Cindy Raphael

Mission to Paris by Alan Furst. 5 Stars. “ I had already enjoyed several books by Alan Furst, so I was happy to find his latest work, Mission to Paris, on the library bookshelf. I am a fan of historical fiction, particularly with regard to the period of World War II. This novel centers on the year 1938. An Austrian born American movie actor, Frederic Stahl, is sent to Paris by Warner Studios to star in a film being shot on location in Europe. While there, Stahl finds himself embroiled in the tense pre-war situation in Paris. He is ruthlessly recruited by pro-Nazi forces to help in their propaganda campaign, and is also asked to aid the anti-Nazi cause in certain clandestine activities. Tension crackles until the very last page. I highly recommend this book.” – John Buckley

I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson. 4 Stars. “Fast paced plot- his characteristic short chapters. Difficult to put down!” – Neysa Scala

Calico Joe by John Grisham. 5 Stars. “ I have been a big fan of John Grisham's novels, which usually have a focus on legal issues and attorneys. One of my favorites of his works, though, is Playing for Pizza, which centered on a football theme. So, I was delighted to read his latest novel, Calico Joe, which is baseball oriented. I found this novel to be most interesting, and a good, and fast, read on a hot summer’s day. Most of the action takes place off the field, relating to the aftermath of a tragic incident on the baseball diamond. Issues raised include family relations, domestic violence, pride, and redemption. I found the resolution of the story to be quite satisfactory. You don’t need to be a baseball fan to enjoy this book.” -- John Buckley