Be a Jr. or Teen book reviewer.

Love to read?
Want to share your opinion?
Be a Jr. or Teen book reviewer.

Jr. Book Reviewer grades 4-6
Teen Book Reviewer grades 7-12

Check out a book with a NEW Sticker on spine.
It can be a fiction or non-fiction or a Graphic Novel.

Your review should answer the following questions:
·         What is the book about (theme as well as plot)?
·         What kind of reader would like this book? What grade?
·         What other books would you suggest for someone
who liked it? Are they already owned by the library?
·         Is the cover any good (i.e. would it attract readers?)

On a scale of 1-5, how popular do you think the book will be?
1 - No one will want to read it except for assignments.
2 – Only for person who has special interest in subject matter
3 – Will appeal to reader if recommended
4 – Will have general appeal
5 – Everyone will be in a rush to read it.

To submit a review, you can give it to Angela  or email it to subject Library book review.
Don’t forget to include book title, author, your name and grade. (Initials only will be included in published reviews.)

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