New Video Games

We have expanded our collection of video games. The collection has been divided and moved next to the adult music CDs. Games that have an E rating remain in the children’s room.

Here is a listing of new games.  The A or J after the title indicates which collection it will be housed in. 


MarioKart 7 3DS (J)

Puss in Boots (J)


Black Eyed Peas Experence (A)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (A)

Adventures of TinTin (J)

NBA 2k12 (J)

Spiderman Edge of time (A)

Disney Universe (J)

Trivial Pursuit (A)


NHL 12 (J)

Proevolution  Soccer 2012 (J)

FIFA Soccer 12 (J)

NBA 2K12 (J)


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (A)

Spiderman Edge of Time (A)

Call of Duty Black Ops (A)

Gears of War (A)

Adventures of Tintin (J)

NBA 2k12 (J)
FIFA Soccer 12 (J)

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r4 revolution said...

There are some awesome games comes in the arena. Call of Duty has most of attention because it is hot favorite franchise. Gamers loves it.