Top-of-the-Stairs Gallery

The Orangeburg Library is proud to present “Hidden Talents,” a surprising Art Show with unusual works of art created by the Staff and Board of Trustees and their families. The show can be seen at the library’s Top-of-the-Stairs Gallery from July 5 to September 9.

The concept for “Hidden Talents” was born at a Staff Holiday Party in December, where Children’s Librarian, Angela Krajcar, suggested a Staff Art Show and everyone present volunteered to participate. But the complete surprise was the unique and diverse works of art that were assembled on the due date. Director, William Langham, chronicled one of his favorite walks in a photograph and Research Librarian, Cheryl McNeil, created pocketbooks from her husband’s old trousers. Library Management Chief, Libby Andreopoulos, exhibited costumes of the Cowardly Lion and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, that she had created for her grandchildren. Also on display are original thought-provoking poems, a woodburned plaque of a beloved pet, needlepoint racing horses, linoleum cuts, collages, sketches in ink and charcoal and a variety of digital photographs.
library patrons and visitors are welcome to view the “Hidden Talents” Top-of-the-Stairs exhibit which is accessible by elevator, if assistance is required.

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