The Art and Music of Chris Brown

Opening Art Gallery Reception December 2 at 1:30 PM

Concert at 2:00 PM
A double treat is in store for audiences at the Orangeburg Library on Sunday, December 2. Renaissance artist, composer, vocalist and musician, Christopher Brown, is performing on the acoustic guitar at the year-end Holiday Concert at 2:00 PM. Folk songs, oldies and goodies and original music will fill the Greenbush Auditorium.

But if you come at 1:30 PM,, you can attend the Opening Reception for Chris Brown’s unique, humorous and colorful Hirshfeld-like caricatures of literary, sports, and entertainment figures at the Top-of-the-Stairs Gallery. Chris has coined the word “characterists” to describe the flowing lines, precise features and beautifully crafted interpretations of the portraits of yesterdays and todays icons of the stage and sports worlds.

New York, born and based, Chris Brown is both singer and songwriter. For the past eight years, Chris has worked for the Journal News as a graphic illustrator. As an artist/illustrator, he captures his subjects’
essence through a caricature. Using a few lines with his pen, his work suggests a persons’ nature or charm, mystery or temperment. And Chris does something similar with lyric and melody, revealing special moments and feelings in a human life.

Art or music? Which does he prefer? Chris would say that both are expressions of the unexpected turns in life that leave their marks on everyone.

Please register for this art and music event on line at or call the Orangeburg Library at 845-359-2244, Ext. 10.

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