Missed treasures

This week, I have been going through the children's non-fiction collection looking for books that should be removed from the collection.  Sometimes it's easy to make that decision -  the book is in bad condition or outdated. There are some books that just get lost on the shelves and never checked out. I thought I'd share some of these missed treasures so you can discover them for yourself.

Ask me Anything (J 031 Ask) - Find out any fact you ever wanted to know!

Many Ways: How Families practice their beliefs and religions (J 200 Rot)

Turn of the Century (J 305.23 Jack) Travel back in time to see what it would be like to live without electricity, computers and even ice-cream!!

Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (323.1196 Freedman) - Any book by Russell Freedman is worth a look at!

Follow the Money (J 332.4 Leedy) A quarter describes all the ways it is used from being minted until it is taken back to a bank.

Zap: A Brief history of television (J 384.554 Cal)

If you would like some more children's non-fiction recommendations, stop by the children's room and I'll share some more treasures with you.

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